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The Maryland Gerontological Nursing Group

In the 1990s, a group of nurses specializing in the care of the older adult formed the Maryland/DC Chapter of the National Gerontological Nursing Association (NGNA). Over many years, Chapter members were very active -- attending and presenting at national conferences, coordinating local educational events, hosting fundraising activities, and acting as a community resource. In 2006, the NGNA named the MD/DC Chapter the "Chapter of the Year" for its achievements.

In 2005, the organization established the "Cynthia Steele Caring Hands Award" to honor exceptional nursing assistants. Members have fond memories of annual award ceremonies at Synder's Willow Grove restaurant. Nursing assistants nominated by their respective facilities gathered for a special dinner, a guest speaker, awards, and photos.

In 2018, the national group disbanded. The same group of nurses who supported the Maryland/DC Chapter formed a new organization "The Maryland Gerontological Nursing Group" (MGNG). The purpose of the new organization is to support excellence in the care of the older adult.

Specific activities include education about nursing care of the older adult and continuation of the "Cynthia Steele Caring Hands Awards."

The MGNG is in compliance with the registration requirements of the Maryland Charitable Solicitations Act (#45214)

Jane Marks RN, Chair
Darlene Shoemaker RN, Secretary
Charlotte Radu RN, Treasurer
Karen Armacost RN, Assistant to all above

Supporting excellence in the nursing care of the older adult for 20 years!