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The Cynthia Steele Caring Hands Award

Recognizing Nursing Assistants Since 2005

Cynthia Steele was a Registered Nurse who promoted excellence in the care of the older adult with dementia.

For many years, she worked at Johns Hopkins teaching others -- doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, and family caregivers -- how to provide quality care for the person with dementia.

Cynthia Steele had a strong desire to bring recognition to the nursing assistant. She believed that the nursing assistant played a critical role in the daily life of older adults needing care.

In 2005, a group of Maryland gerontological nurses established The Cynthia Steele Caring Hands Award. The award is presented to nursing assistants who demonstrate excellence in the care of the older adult. It is a great honor for the person who receives the award.

Cynthia passed away in 2015, but the Caring Hands Award continues to honor her memory and to honor exceptional nursing assistants.

In 2018, the Caring Hands Award was established at Caroline Center -- an educational program for nursing assistants.

Cynthia Steele, RN, PhD
Clinician, Educator, Researcher

Supporting excellence in the nursing care of the older adult for 20 years!